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A REAL Dating Profile = the Kiss of Death

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I posted this on my other blog, but even though it is by no means serious, it has everything to do with being Anxiety Disorder and ADD. Exploring dating profiles can be interesting…

Who Am I? Why Do You Care?

You can go ahead and blame this post on the fact that it is nearly 11:30 p.m. and I’m just sitting here waiting until I can take another dose of medicine before hopefully going back to sleep. I’ve been in bed since 4:00 this afternoon, and while I’m completely dragged out, I fear I will not be able to sleep right now. So – what better to do when you are achy, feverish, exhausted, and your eyeball sockets hurt right along with your hair?? You ponder meaningless crap, that’s what – and then you blog about it.  I’m sure that’s what people do.

My daughter often wonders why I’ve never really attempted to “date” after my divorce. There are tons of reasons, actually, and I’m not going to bother explaining them. Not right now anyway. An acquaintance of mine recently decided to join the hordes of other people who are…

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