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New Pet!

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Recently I wrote an article for New Life Outlook about the pros and cons of having a pet when you have ADHD. I mentioned how I missed having cats, and at the end of the article said that maybe I would check out the local shelters and see about a new addition to our family.

I know how good pets can be for those not just with ADHD, but Depression, Anxiety and also Self Harm. I was considering the fact that A- would probably benefit very much from having a cat. Not long after finishing the article, someone asked me if I would be interested in taking their cat. Talk about timing! So tonight I went and picked up the newest member of our family, a sweet little kitty named Maggie. She curled up in A’s lap on the way home and purred contentedly. Since we’ve been home, they have played and cuddled, the cat never getting too far away from A’s side. (not that A- would let her!)

A- had a rough day at school today, so she was very anxious this afternoon when she got home. I did not tell her about the cat, but just got her in the car and headed out, not telling her where we were going. Timing couldn’t have been better. Having a brand new pet in the house definitely took A’s mind off her day, and I know the cuddling soothed her in a way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

So I’m grateful for the gift of the kitty, and for the smile it brought to A’s face. I’m grateful for the distraction she provided that kept A’s mind occupied and not dwelling on bad things, or allowing herself to be sucked into the “bad” thoughts.

I know it’s just the first night with the new pet, but I’m hopeful that this will be a good thing and that Maggie will help A- when she is anxious and needs a friend to calm her. Lucky for Maggie she seems to enjoy cuddling!




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